Thanks to the support of this Directorate-General, intent on further expanding the project, and in collaboration with the Triennale di Milano, the MU.FO.CO. Museum of Contemporary Photography has nominated 5 more photographers following a public call in September 2019. The winners, selected from among almost 250 submissions, will join the 5 other photographers selected in a previous round.
These professional architectural photographers (under 40) will document an additional 120 contemporary Italian works of architecture: each photographer will be assigned a specific area and commissioned to document 24 buildings.
The resulting images, together with those taken by the first 5 winners, will be added to the Atlante Architettura Contemporanea(The Atlas of  Contemporary Architecture) and form the corpus of an exhibition presented in 2020.

The 5 winning photographers are:

Luigi Di Bella (Milan, 1988)

Paolo Lindozzi (Marino, 1982)

Simone Mizzotti (Crema, 1983)

Alberto Sinigaglia (Arzignano, 1984)

Marco Zorzanello (Vicenza, 1979) representing the collective Zorzanello-Girardini



The Atlante Architettura Contemporanea is a cultural project created in 2018 and supported by this Directorate-General to promote and valorise the content of the National Survey of Late 20th Century Architecture. The principal objective of the Atlante is to present the Italian territory in original photographs structured by different though interconnecting itineraries.

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