Notice of Public Selection. Prize for the creation of a logo for ‘Luoghi del Contemporaneo’

The Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity (DGCC) of the Ministry for cultural heritage and activities and for tourism (MiBACT) has announced a notice of public selection for the creation of a logo for the “Luoghi del Contemporaneo” project, promoted by this Directorate-General since 2018 for the mapping and promotion of the network of places of the contemporary in Italy.

The project led to the creation of an online platform dedicated to “Luoghi del Contemporaneo” (, a promotional instrument allowing users to orient themselves in their knowledge of the artistic landscape of the contemporary throughout national territory, and offering the possibility of easily navigating among the various available categories: Associations, Art in public spaces, Collections, Foundations, Foreign Institutions, Museums, Company Museums, Parks and Gardens, Exhibition Spaces, and Independent Spaces. MiBACT’s first institutional-level recognition dedicated exclusively to the situation of the contemporary scene in Italy, it is continuously implemented and updated.

The Prize (10.000 euro) for the creation of a logo for “Luoghi del Contemporaneo” is aimed at creatives in the 18–40 age group, and pursues a dual objective: to support the creativity of the young generations in keeping with this Directorate-General’s goals, and at the same time to obtain an instrument indispensable for communicating the entire project, that fully expresses the values of contemporary creativity and that can be an identifier for a vast network.




The logo will be an element identifying the network of places of the contemporary, usable in all forms of communication and promotion. As the Public Notice states, the logo to be created must be new, distinctive, and original; it will have to be versatile and applicable, maintaining its recognisability in a variety of formats and information materials, and on any publishing and promotional medium, whether print or digital; it will have to be an expression of contemporary creativity. Entries will be assessed for originality and creativity.

The Public Notice, with participation regulations and procedures, is published on the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity website

Any information relating to participation in this public notice may be requested to the email: within 12:00 PM, 26th January 2021.

The application must be submitted exclusively electronically by sending it to the email: within 12:00 PM, 9th February 2021.


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