The exhibition Abitanti. Sette sguardi sull’Italia di oggi (Inhabitants. Seven Ways of Looking at Italy Today), curated by Matteo Balduzzi, promoted by the DGAAP with the Triennale di Milano, the Museum of Contemporary Photography and Geico, is based on the “desire to promote the development of a culture of contemporary photography, provide visibility for young Italian photographers, increase public collections of photography and emphasise the key role played by photography in testifying to, investigating and comprehending cultural, social and economic transformations”. 


Abitanti. Sette sguardi sull’Italia di oggi (Inhabitants. Seven Ways of Looking at Italy Today) brings together seven projects by nine artists from across Italy: Dario BosioSaverio Cantoni and Viola Castellano, Francesca CirilliGloria Guglielmo and Marco Passaro, Rachele MaistrelloTommaso Mori and Flavio Moriniello.
The anthropic and anthropological landscape, narrated in the images presented by Inhabitants, sheds light on diverse dynamics unfolding in the physical and social space of selected territories: spaces of tension and contrast between “public and private, investigations of the relationship between interior and exterior, real and virtual, individual and collective”.
“The winning projects were selected from more than three hundred candidatures from across Italy by a scientific committee comprised of Fabio De Chirico, Director of the Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries, Giovanna Calvenzi, President of the Museum of Contemporary Photography, Matteo Balduzzi, curator at the Museum of Contemporary Photography and of the project, Stefano Mirti, founder of IdLab, designer and curator of the exhibition 999. Una collezione di domande sull’abitare contemporaneoLuigi Spedicato, sociologist at the University of Salento and Milena Farina, researcher in architectural and urban design at “Roma Tre” University.
Studio Folder of Milan was responsible for the exhibition design and graphics.


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