The Arte alla luce (Art in Light) project teaches young children and adolescents about contemporary art and its role as a determinant part of a harmonious individual development, through the direct involvement of recognised artists.

The result of a collaboration between the DGAAP and Save the Children, the project is tied of the association’s Punti Luce structures.
The Punti Luce are spaces in troubled peripheries lacking in services. They were created to contrast educational poverty and conceived at the “scale of the adolescent” to offer recreational, educational and expressive activities, free of charge.
The project invites artists to participate in workshops for children between the ages of 13 and 17.
The first edition of the project involved the artists Massimo Grimaldi, Domenico Mangano and Adrian Paci, privileging locations in Southern Italy.

The selection of the artists and the scientific curation of the project – coordinated by the DGAAP’s Carolina Italiano – pursued a number of important factors: each of the selected artists demonstrates a particular attention to social issues and were born in or familiar through past works with the territories in which they were asked to work; in addition, as internationally recognised artists they present an unquestionably positive role model for young people.

The project was comprised of the following three appointments:
Domenico Mangano a Palermo (18-20 December 2015)
Massimo Grimaldi a Bari (8-10 January 2016)
Adrian Paci a Marina di Gioiosa Ionica (26 -28 February 2016)
Luca Vitone a Genova (11-13 July 2016)
Elisabetta Benassi a Roma (7-9 September 2016)
Botto&Bruno a Torino (25-27 September 2016)



Each workshop was organised in 3 phases: a first meeting and presentation, a proposal by the artist and a conclusive presentation of the work realised, open to the public, to families, residents of the neighbourhood and anyone wishing to participate.

The project was presented on Monday 30 November 2015in Rome, in the presence of Minister Dario Franceschini, during a press conference with Federica Galloni, Director General of the DGAAP, Raffaela Milano, Director of Save the Children’s Italia-Europe Programmes and the artists Domenico Mangano and Massimo Grimaldi.

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