This study of urban peripheries in Italy is born as a result of the collaboration between the DGAAP and LIMES - Italian magazine of geopolitics, one of the most authoritative and influential sources of geopolitical considerations in Europe.

The research produced a special edition of LIMES dedicated to the peripheries, accompanied by the customary “geopolitical maps” characteristic of the magazine’s modus operandi.

The results of the research were presented during a public event at the Archivio Centrale dello Stato in Rome on 19 May 2016. Other events are planned in Venice and Naples.


LIMES magazine, whose name derives from the Latin limes, “confine”, founds it activities on an overlap of diverse skills and approaches: “With the exception of openly racist opinions, inherently adverse to any open and equal debate, the magazine accepts any and all political and geopolitical ideas. In fact, it is founded on the contrasting comparison of diverse or even opposing geopolitical representations and projects. What is essential is that they can be related to power struggles in space (terrestrial, maritime, aerial) and that they can be mapped”.

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