The Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries (DGAAP) has selected the winner of the call for projects to promote and valorise the National Survey of Late Twentieth Century Italian Architecture.
The project promotes the content of the website with the aim of facilitating the use of the results of the National Survey and expanding its content with 100 short reportages on works of contemporary architecture on representative examples from across Italy.

The 14 projects received were selected by a commission under the direction of Angela Tecce, Department Head at the DGAAP. The commission was comprised of Alessandra Cerroti (DGAAP), Maria Adelaide Ricciardi (Directorate-General for Education and Research), Alessandra Mele (Directorate-General of Archaeology, Fine Arts and the Landscape) and Fernando Iatosti (Directorate-General for Tourism).


The winning proposal “Italy Narrated through Architecture”, was presented by a team composed of the DiAP – Department of Architecture and Design – Sapienza Università di Roma (QART – Laboratory for the Study of Contemporary Rome, ArchiDiAP, LaMA – Multimedia Architecture Laboratory), DO.CO.MO.MO. Italia Onlus, Ermes Multimedia and ArchPhoto.
The Jury considered the submission fully aligned with the requests of the call both in its graphic layout, clear and easy to use by a non-professional public, and its content. The project also proposes a series of original and articulated itineraries.
Italy Narrated through Architecture” offers an effective interpretation of the archive of contemporary architecture and communicates the importance of the National Survey of Late Twentieth Century Italian Architecture.

This initiative is one of the objectives pursued by the DGAAP to favour the promotion and valorisation of contemporary architectural heritage.
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