The Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity and the Directorate-General for Tourism of the Ministry for cultural heritage and activities and for tourism jointly issue a Public notice for the financing of cultural activities, to be carried out in the form of Festivals, with the objective of fostering well-being and improving the quality of life of the inhabitants of Italian villages, through the promotion of cultural, environmental, and tourism resources.

The notice is addressed to Municipalities with a resident population of up to 5,000 inhabitants, or up to 10,000 inhabitants that have identified the historic centre as a homogenous territorial area, with preference shown to those identifiable as priority and complex Municipalities. In greater detail, these Municipalities may take part individually or in a network, as leaders of partnerships – established or to be established – with other profit-making and non-profit entities

The main strategic objectives of the aforementioned announcement are as follows:

  • to promote and support the quality and excellence of the territories of Italian villages;
  • to build opportunities for the socioeconomic improvement of the selected areas, also by incubating innovative cultural and creative community enterprises and promoting activities of medium- and long-term urban regeneration;
  • to promote and support innovative content in education/training and development activities;
  • to strengthen and supplement the territories’ tourism and cultural offerings;
  • to develop an integrated planning approach and innovative and inclusive practices; to incentivize sustainability-oriented planning, also through the use of new technologies.

The public notice in question will be published in mid-November, and will provide total financing equalling € 750,000.00 (seven hundred and fifty thousand/00 euros) as a financial contribution for the Municipalities declared the winners upon the outcome of an assessment procedure. The financing that may be paid for holding each festival is set at 80% of the foreseen admissible costs, and at any rate to be contained within the following maximum limits:

  • € 75,000 if the proposing municipalities take part individually, at all times taking account of the obligation of partnering with the territory’s stakeholders;
  • € 250.000 if the proposing municipalities are taking part in a network.

Participants will have 60 days to develop the projects. The submitted projects may, among other activities, also include events, exhibitions, shows, workshops, training days, and the development of digital platforms and applications, with particular attention to the proposals’ innovativeness, sustainability, and accessibility, to the public’s involvement, and to impact on the territory.

The projects will be uploaded onto a dedicated website to start mapping the good practices of urban regeneration and of the tourism sustainability of villages throughout national territory, as well as the development of creative assets that can be a useful instrument as relates to residing in the villages, and against the abandonment of the territories.

The dedicated website is online:

Applications for participation must be uploaded to:

Application deadline: Friday 15 January 2021, 12:00


UPDATE (12.01.2021)
The application deadline has been postponed: Friday 29 January, 12:00

For any doubts or clarifications regarding the Public Notice, write


UPDATE (29.01.2021)
At 12 noon today the deadlines for sending requests to participate for the public notice "Borghi in Festival" expired. The next updates will be published both on the institutional websites of the Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity and the Directorate-General for Tourism and on the dedicated website .


UPDATE (01.02.2021)
643 applications for participation
were received by the deadline of 12 noon on Friday 29 January
The proposals are from all over the national territory:

- 178 from the North

- 156 from the Center

- 246 from the South

- 63 from the Islands

At this link the press release from the MiBACT press office:


UPDATE (11.03.2021)
With "Determina Dirigenziale", the provisions of Articles 6 and 9 of the Public Notice have been extended: the projects must be completed no later than 31 August 2021 (instead of 31 July) while the transmission of the closing documentation and the reporting of the projects must be submitted no later than 30 September 2021 (instead of 1 September).


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