The Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries – DGAAP, and the Directorate-General for Cinema – DGC, are proud to present the first edition of “CINEPERIFERIE”. The project was created to offer financing for cultural projects that contribute to learning about peripheral landscapes in Italy as a tool for promoting local culture.
The programme is an invitation to consider peripheral areas in Italy, intended as territories that, while not necessarily distant from the city centre, present fragile social, economic and environmental conditions, coupled with difficult access to services and infrastructures. These areas may also present phenomena of abandonment, marginalisation, social inequality, insecurity and poverty. The objective is to learn about and reimagine the role of peripheral areas, by revealing their specific identities and potentialities. Peripheries inhabited by communities, spaces of aggregation in which to feel rooted rather than excluded.
Two lines of financing will be made available: the first for the realisation of film festivals in areas suffering from economic and social marginalisation, focused on themes related to the periphery and involving local communities; the second for the production of short documentary films.
The first part of the call is open to public and private non-profit organisms, universities, foundations, cultural committees and associations, and the second part to professional structures operating in the film and audio visual industries.
The resources provided by the DGAAP and DGC total 200 thousand Euro, with a maximum of 15 thousand Euro for each film festival project and 25 thousand Euro for the realisation of short films. In any case, financing for both parts of the call may not exceed 80% of the total budget. 

Those interested in participating must register online at between the 20 March 2018 and no later than 12 noon (CET) on the 18 May 2018.

The CINEPERIFERIE call was republished on 22 March 2018 owing to an error in the original material. The deadline remains the 18 May 2018.



Those interested in participating must register online at from the 20 March 2018.
Registered participants will successively have access to the submission procedure, including all requested material. Applications must be signed by the legal representative of each applicant no later than 12 noon (CET) on the 18 May 2018.

For more information, please contact:
Section 1) Film Festivals: e-mail: clearly stating the subject “Cineperiferie” CALL
Section 2) Short Films: e-mail: clearly stating the subject “Cineperiferie” CALL
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