A total of fourteen winners were selected for the first edition of CINEPERIFERIE. Six projects for documentary short films and eight film festivals in peripheral areas.

The projects were selected by a committee headed by Giulio Latini and composed of Marco Bertozzi, Ivano De Matteo, Chiara Fortuna, Andrea Minuz, Costanza Quatriglio and Esmeralda Valente.



The various projects financed by the DGAAP will start across Italy in July 2018:
Location of the Event: LAZIO - Poggio Mirteto, Tarano, Forano, Montopoli di Sabina, Cantalupo in Sabina Stimigliano
PERIPHERIES IN THE PERIPHERY / PERIFERIAS EN LA PERIFERIA brings the peripheries of the world to the Sabina region, specifically to a series of towns in the province of Rieti: Poggio Mirteto, Tarano, Forano, Montopoli di Sabina, Cantalupo in Sabina Stimigliano. Rich in potential, this area is also far from the centralities offered by large cities. The passionate retelling of the most incredible stories from the margins of South America’s immense metropolises inspired a group of young people from the province of Rieti to use audio-visual tools to tell the stories of their periphery. They began with a sense of discomfort to arrive at the exploration of the potentialities to be valorised and promoted in their territory.    
Proponent: NOMADICA - Sicily, Belpasso (CT)
Location of the Event: SICILY – Ballarò District, Palermo
Not every settlement is sophisticated and central; a periphery does not need to be far away to be hidden from site. The Ballarò district in Palermo offers a powerful demonstration. Here Africa is so close that it draws our attention, yet at the same time it escapes our grasp for its distance and for the lack of cultural tools able to transport us there. The programme proposes a combination of films and cinematographers that will transport the eye from the city centre of European cinema to contemplate the most peripheral areas and absorb the coordinates and less accessible influences of Africa.   
Proponent: ARTISTI PER IL MATTA - Abruzzo, Pescara
Location of the Event: ABRUZZO - San Giuseppe District, Pescara
CINEMA IN THE COURTYARD – TELEVISION SEEN ON FILM begins in the homes of the residents of the San Giuseppe district in Pescara, which has no film theatres and no habit of going to the cinema. The project enters into the courtyards of apartment blocks and transforms them into outdoor film arenas. The project is founded on the sharing of the experience of watching television. It aims to analyse diverse aspects of audio-visual language. The district’s residents will be invited to participate in public screenings, with the intention of studying a selection of films whose principal theme rotates around the world of television. The objective is, on the one hand, to facilitate access to art and, on the other hand, to use film to promote and shed light on the diverse aspects of relationships between different urban contexts and the lives of their inhabitants.  
Proponent: TRAME DI QUARTIERE - Sicily, Catania
Location of the Event: SICILY - San Berillo District, Catania
PERSPECTIVES. FILMS THAT SPEAK ABOUT CITIES is a programme for the San Berillo district in Catania. Its perspectives are not only those proposed by film directors, but also the alternative points of view offered by communities invited to reconsider what surrounds them, including spaces at the edge of the city, whose depths are to be sounded. The city and gentrification, immigration, narrative through self-representation, abandonment, are just some of the themes proposed for discussion. The communities are an active subject in this process, recounting their desires, dramas, aspirations and solutions. Films that speak about the city, and cities that speak about film. 
Location of the Event: CALABRIA – Catanzaro
SCREENS will involve the resident population of the city of Catanzaro in a series of itinerant projections that will visit eight districts, travelling in a truck designed by students at the Fine Arts Academy of Catanzaro. The project will stimulate reflections, above all among young people, on the concept of the periphery, on how its spaces are inhabited and how they are imagined and presented in the world of cinema as an element of aggregation, designed to reinforce the sense of community and “peripheral protagonism”.    
Proponent: L'AMBULANTE – Sardinia, Cagliari
Location of the Event: SARDINIA - S. Elia District, Cagliari
This travelling program will visit four of the most frequented areas in the S. Elia district. It will be presented in the courtyard of the Nanni Loy school, in the space in front of the bar, in the courtyard of the oratory and the employment centre. Screenings will be accompanied by a series of creative activities designed to stimulate local participation (creation of itineraries, interactive installations, group projects). 
Proponent: MITREO FILM FESTIVAL - Campania, Santa Maria Capua Vetere (CE)
Location of the Event: CAMPANIA – IACP Housing Estate, Santa Maria Capua Vetere, (CE)
This project, for the IACP Housing Estate in Santa Maria Capua Vetere, begins with a selection of films by Francois Truffaut exploring the Paris periphery, to construct a dimension in which the key themes of peripheral landscapes are considered and reimagined by the district’s young residents, in reference to the specific contexts in which the live. Cinema becomes an educational tool. The project will include the simulation of sets and workshops designed to bring young people closer to the world of cinema, in particular the technical aspects of this craft, as well as a conclusive exhibition to share the material produced.  
Proponent: FONDAZIONE PER L'INNOVAZIONE URBANA - Emilia-Romagna, Bologna
Location of the Event: EMILIA-ROMAGNA - S. Stefano District, Bologna

SCREEN CITY Peripheries, Margins, Identities, speaks about an entirely new city thanks to the evocative and documentary power of images for the Bologna Film Library and Home Movies- Archivio Nazionale di Famiglia, digitalized and shown for the first time to the public during this event. Screenings will take place at the Bologna Autostazione in the S. Stefano district. They will be organised as a series of focuses dedicated to: Margins, Identities, Architecture and Mobility, investigating, in particular, the development of peripheries, of changing landscapes, of cultural and social transformations, through the real life stories of their communities and inhabitants.
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