The Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity (DGCC) has launched the third edition of the Creative Living Lab public notice, an initiative created to finance urban regeneration projects through cultural and creative activities.

This third edition, for which the DGCC is allocating more than € 1 million, is aimed at supporting cultural and creative projects of a multidisciplinary nature, of requalification of appurtenant spaces within the residential areas, in order to support a development model based on processes of collaboration and social innovation, marked by such keywords/concepts as: interactions, co-existence, daily life, resilience to pandemics, and sustainable communities.

Given the radical changes taking place and the healthcare emergency related to Covid-19, the DGCC intends to initiate reflection on an issue deemed to be of great urgency: the dearth of quality spaces and services in the country’s various urban settings, of use for accommodating individuals and communities safely and in favourable conditions, and for creating opportunities to build relationships, dialogue, and integration.



The Creative Living Lab public notice is for non-profit public and private entities dedicated to contemporary culture and creativity and with roots in the peripheral territories, such as, by way of example: public authorities, foundations, cultural associations, non-profit third-sector bodies, universities, non-profit research centres, non-profit social and community enterprises, and organized civil society.

The Creative Living Lab supports innovative, quality micro-projects to be immediately carried out, able to transform the residual areas and spaces into places of exchange and learning, accessible, usable, and functionally differentiated, in order to create a synergistic relationship between the environment and the social, cultural, and economic fabric; interventions oriented towards the reuse and re-organization of the areas dedicated to services, to neighbourhood equipment, and to common-use spaces.

The proposals must indicate new forms of use of the chosen places in order to improve services, exploitation, and cultural functions; to incentivize the activation of paths of participation and self-construction through the involvement of institutions, professionals, artists, citizens, and parties active on the territory; and to promote a system of grass-roots self-organization that can foster a process of empowerment and reappropriation in the involved communities.

Please read carefully the public notice and all the attachments published on this page, in the “Documentation” section.

Proposals must be submitted, under penalty of exclusion, to the certified e-mail address by no later than 12:00 PM on 01 March 2021.

UPADATE: extended deadline 12:00 PM on 31 March 2021

For clarifications, write to by no later than 12:00 PM on 01 March 2021.


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