The Directorate-General for Contemporary Creativity (DGCR) fulfils different functions and roles in relation to the promotion, support and valorisation of contemporary Italian creativity. The DGCR supports contemporary art, architectural and urban culture and the applied arts, including design and fashion. The DGCR promotes interventions for urban renewal.

In particular, the DGCR:

a) promotes the values of contemporary art and architectural culture and the applied arts;
b) promotes and supports research, talents and Italian excellence in contemporary Italian art and architecture, design and fashion;
c) promotes an awareness outside Italy of contemporary Italian art and architectural culture, design and fashion, complementary to and in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation;   
d) promotes creativity and production in the fields of contemporary art and architecture, design and fashion, raising awareness and promoting the work of young artists and creatives, also through competitions;
e) activates and promotes innovative and participatory processes of urban renewal and development in Italy through culture, including agreements and conventions with public and private institutions;
f) declares the important artistic character of contemporary architecture, in accordance with and pursuant to article 20 of law n. 633 dated 22 April 1941, as amended, and article 37 of the Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code;
g) monitors and implements works to survey and catalogue artworks in public buildings pursuant to law n. 717 dated 29 July 1949, as amended;
h) expresses decisions taken by the Ministry regarding the proposed offsetting of taxes through the transfer of contemporary artworks;
i) validates funding requests for artworks considered of artistic importance and interventions of particular architectural and urban quality, pursuant to article 37 of the Cultural Heritage and Landscape Code;
l) promotes and participates in studies, research and scientific initiatives relative to the inventorying and cataloguing of contemporary art and architecture, design and fashion and the mapping of urban spaces;
m) promotes training programmes, in accordance with the Directorate-General for Education and Research, in collaboration with universities, regional governments and local institutions, providing information about contemporary art and architectural culture, design and fashion;
n) promotes the quality of design, architecture and urban planning; participates in the ideation of public projects and provides design consultancy services with a particular focus on projects for cultural activities or those with a particular impact on the quality of historic-artistic contexts and landscapes-environments; 
o) provides support and technical-scientific consultancy services in the fields in which it operates to the Ministry’s peripheral departments;
p) guides, monitors and controls any legal subject operating in the areas of the Directorate-General’s responsibilities, based on instructions received from the Ministry.  

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