The Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries (DGAAP) is a division of the MiBAC (Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities) dedicated to contemporary issues.

Its OBJECTIVES are to promote and support contemporary art and architecture, coupled with a “mission” to initiate processes to requalify urban peripheries.

and valorising, supporting and increasing, learning and conserving are the ACTIONS adopted by the DGAAP to carry out its mission.

The visual arts in their broadest definition (painting, sculpture, photography, video, installations, performance, etc.), architecture and design, together with the requalification of urban peripheries, are the AREAS in which these actions are carried out.

, public heritage, creative talents (artists, photographers, architects, designers, etc.), new generations, students and scholars are the SUBJECTS of a consistent focus on providing end users – citizens – with the best possible access to culture and contributing to the growth of culture in Italy.

The actions of the DGAAP are realised through a series of INSTRUMENTS: the implementation of laws and programmes for which the DGAAP is exclusively responsible, agreements stipulated with other institutions and entities, the conception of specific initiatives, participation in and support for activities and incentives for research projects.

The RESULTS of the actions of the DGAAP are put into effect through competitions and commissions, acquisitions, education programmes, exhibitions and events, research projects and much more.

The DGAAP was instituted with DPCM 171/2014 (art. 16 comma 4 as amended) and is operative since February 2015.

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