The “Giornata del Contemporaneo” is an important annual event dedicated to contemporary art and its audience: museums associated with AMACI, together with all Italian institutions who choose to adhere, open their doors free of charge to exhibitions, conferences and workshops.

The DGAAP supports and participates in the “Giornata del Contemporaneo” organised by AMACI each year (the first or second Saturday of October).

Over the course of more than ten years this event has demonstrated its important role in promotion of contemporary culture, offering an unmissable occasion for a first-hand experience of the vivacity and abundance of art today.

The eleventh edition was held on 10 October 2015.
The twelfth edition is scheduled for 15 October 2016.

The event also allowed for a snapshot of a map of art not only in large cities, but also in smaller centres, active for years, and where museums have assumed the role of true catalysts that serve to emphasise the importance of contemporary art and architecture to cultural development.

Increased participation clearly demonstrates the growing attention of the world of contemporary art to an initiative that has become a consolidated annual appointment.
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