ITALIAN COUNCIL: Promuovere la produzione, la conoscenza e la disseminazione della creazione contemporanea italiana nel campo delle arti visive


It is the main project of the DGAAP to promote the production, knowledge and dissemination of contemporary Italian creation in the field of visual arts.



Roma, 5th July 2018The DGAAP launched the fourth edition of the international project Italian Council with a total budget of 1,080,000 euros. Each project may count on a maximum contribution of 145,000 euros and no more than 80% of the total project budget.
Through the Italian Council, DGAAP launches a call for projects submitted by Italian and/or international public and private non-profit museums, recognized non-profit foundations with the primary objective of promotion and education in the field of contemporary art, university institutions, Italian and/or international non-profit committees and cultural associations.
Cultural proposals must include one or more artworks of an Italian artist, which will remain the property of the Italian State with the aim to increase the collections of state, regional or civic museums.

Initiatives that will involve foreign cultural institutions or Italian artists participating in international exhibitions will be favorably welcomed.




"The third edition of the Italian Council closes with an important result: the number of international proposals has increased, and the creative value of the projects has been confirmed once again. We believe in the potential of Italian artists and in the importance of promoting the Italian artistic output at the international level. We therefore have decided to emphasize our commitment by immediately launching the fourth edition of the call with the allocation of a budget of over 1 million euros," said Federica Galloni.

With the fourth call for proposals, the total amount of funds made available by the DGAAP reaches a total of 3 million euros for the two-year period 2017-2018.



In order to apply for the call, participants need to register starting from July 5 at and submit the application no later than 12 noon CET on the 5th September 2018.

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