ITALIAN COUNCIL: Promuovere la produzione, la conoscenza e la disseminazione della creazione contemporanea italiana nel campo delle arti visive


It is the main project of the DGAAP to promote the production, knowledge and dissemination of contemporary Italian creation in the field of visual arts.


The 8th Edition of the Italian Council is Online Now!

The DGCR is proud to present the eighth edition of the Italian Council project, with a budget of 1.3 million euros to finance projects to increase public art collections, develop talents and support the international promotion of artists, curators and critics.



The Italian Council is an international project promoted by the DGCR to support contemporary Italian creativity. It is yet another sign of the commitment to promoting Italian art abroad.

The Italian Council operates in two different areas of action:

1) Increasing the collection of Italy’s public museums:

Proposals may focus on:
- the production – including residencies and/or exhibitions – of one or more artworks by a living Italian artist and related activities of promotion and valorisation;
- the acquisition, promotion and valorisation of the work of a living or deceased Italian artist, active during the past 50 (fifty) years.

The purpose of the project is to promote and support the work of Italian artists from all generations, with a particular focus on emerging and mid-career artists. In addition, through acquisitions, the project also works to increase public collections of Italian contemporary art, including works produced over the course of the past fifty years.
The artworks produced or acquired will be used to increase the collections of state, regional, provincial and civic museums across Italy.

The primary mission of the Italian Council is the international promotion of Italian art: for this reason each project must necessarily include a phase of presentation outside of Italy (failure to comply is considered grounds for exclusion). This activity can take the form of exhibitions, presentations or talks presented in a public or private not for profit institution active in the field of the contemporary arts. 

2) Development of talents and international promotion of Italian artists, curators and critics:

Proposals may focus on:

Monographic exhibitions presented at international institutions
The aim is to present living Italian artists to an international public. With this purpose in mind, the Italian Council supports projects for exhibitions at prestigious and accredited international institutions operating in the field of the contemporary arts, together with the possibility to involve Italian critics and curators.  

Participation in international events
To support Italy’s participation in international events organised periodically around the globe (for example: biennales, triennials, festivals, etc.), and offer new occasions for international visibility, the Italian Council can finance the participation of an Italian artist. Projects may also  involve the artist’s participation in collateral opportunities that are part of the official programmes of these events.

International editorial projects 
With its funding for editorial projects, the Italian Council ensures the international valorisation and promotion of Italian art from the past 50 years. Editorial projects represent an occasion to present the artists, protagonists and particular vicissitudes and problems faced by  contemporary Italian art to the world. At the same time, they are also an opportunity to support the development of Italian talents in the arts, criticism and curation. For this reason projects must guarantee the promotion and adequate editorial diffusion of publications (international publishers, presence in specialised bookstores, book launches).    

Study residencies outside Italy
To promote the development of talents, the Italian Council supports study residencies at specialised and accredited institutions. Projects in this area must not include the production of new artworks, but instead  focus on activities of research and artistic, critical or curatorial research. In addition to supporting the development of professional skills, the period of research abroad will also represent an occasion for artists, curators and critics to cultivate international contacts and relations.   

For all information regarding procedures, details, requisites and documents required to participate in the Italian Council project interested parties can download the brief here.



Applications for the Italian Council project will be accepted from: artists, curators and critics supported by foreign institutions exclusively for study residencies; museums, public and private organisations; not for profit university institutions, foundations, cultural associations and formally constituted committees. Funding may not exceed 80% of the total project cost, up to a maximum value that varies based on the type of project presented. 

Those interested in participating must register online beginning on 18 December 2019 here: Proposals must be uploaded using the forms provided in the brief no later than 12 noon (CET) on 2 March 2020.

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