Contemporary Art Venues is a project endorsed by the Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, whose aim is to map and promote the network of contemporary art venues in Italy.
The platform Contemporary Art venues, which comes from the project, collects all the public and private non-profit spaces, where contemporary art is displayed, enhanced and promoted; stands as a tool to identify and learn about these Venues, allowing to build a personal path towards research and knowledge.

The project is in progress (currently contains 272 venues) and it will be continuously updated by the submission of spontaneous applications.



What is a Contemporary Art Venue
Contemporary Art Venue stands for any space, whether public or private, institutional or independent dedicated to the promotion, exhibition and enhancing of contemporary art. It is a not for profit entity and can either own a collection or be used as a mere exhibition area. It works regularly and ensures availability by being open to public.
History of the Project
A first mapping of the Contemporary Art Venues in Italy, made by MiBAC in 2003 and edited by the DARC - Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture, led to the publication of the book I luoghi del contemporaneo. Musei, gallerie, centri d’arte e fondazioni in Italia.
In 2012, the Contemporary Architecture and Art Service of the Directorate-General for the Landscape, Fine Arts, Architecture and Contemporary Art performed an update, which in turn led to the new edition of the guide I luoghi del contemporaneo. Contemporary art venues 2012 .
Given the dynamic and changing nature of the contemporary art scene, having an online interactive mapping, founded on a geolocalized and editable online database is becoming a necessity.
Thanks to the new site, the Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries aims to report the changes occurred in the geography of Contemporary Art Venues including not only institutional spaces, but also independent spaces.

The Platform
This platform is organized in a way that allows the user to search for the Venues by alphabetical order, keywords, geographic region or category. Search filters can be combined as well.
A different color is assigned to each category and these colors are reflected in the geolocalised map as well. The possibility of choosing and identifying a category, as a mere instrumental option, meets the need for a more specific orientation system that can go way beyond a simple geographical identification. The list of categories has taken into account all the different aspects of the organizations: legal profile, museographic features, type of exhibition space, purposes, and approach to contemporary art scene. At the end of the data collection process, each type of Contemporary Art Venue has been defined on the basis of their own identifying element.

Due to the 'work in progress' nature of this platform, the categorization will be updated according to the variations in contemporary art landscape and to all the information that will be added later on through the spontaneous application form, Become a Contemporary Art Venue



Application to became Contemporary Art Venue can be sent Fill out the form with the info about your art space. Once your request is completed, you will receive a confirmation email. The Scientific Committee will then verify the data you provided, assessing whether your profile satisfies all the requirements needed to be included on the platform. Your subscription shall be valid provided other conditions do not arise that change the initial data acquired as well as the selection criteria.

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