Censimento fotografie


The project is a participatory and shared instrument able to give, on a single portal, information on the type, consistency, origin and characteristics of the Italian photographic heritage.



The website dedicated to the Survey of Photography Collections and Archives in Italy is online: www.censimento.fotografia.italia.it
The result of a collaboration between the MiBAC (ICCD and DGAAP) and Camera – Centro Italiano per la Fotografia  – the project is a participatory and shared tool in the form of a unique and easy-to-consult portal of information about the typology, dimensions, origin and characteristics of photographic heritage in Italy.
This mapping process identifies the public and private holders of photographic collections, based on a participatory model that directly involves actors in a process designed to increase available information: the only way to expand the field and offer lesser known realities a chance to provide access to their collections. A specific focus will be dedicated to those with collections of contemporary photography. 
Anyone with a collection or archive of photographs is invited to become an active participant: register by filling out the Participation form on the official website.
The systematic mapping of this important sector of cultural heritage and the availability of this information online represents the heart and soul of this project, which is a true “network of networks”: in addition to registered entities, the project also benefits from the collaboration with a number of associations working to stimulate the participation of their members and territorial stakeholders. Members to date include: Rete Fotografia (Milan), Regional Network of Photographic Libraries and Archives (Friuli Venezia Giulia), Network of Film Libraries.

The Survey is part of the Portal of Photography in Italy (www.fotografia.italia.it), initiated under the direction of the MiBAC as part of the programme to promote Italian photographic heritage.


To register: http://www.censimento.fotografia.italia.it/partecipa/

For information: camera@camera.toic-cd@beniculturali.it.
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