The peripheries are among the most vital areas of today’s society. They are territories in continuous transformation, that demonstrate a greater openness toward experimentation; they are the first areas to confront – and absorb – the profound changes of our contemporary era. Despite this, all too often they are also the contexts that suffer most from phenomena of social exclusion and decay.

In past decades the world of culture has contributed to “saving” Italy’s historic centres through interventions focused on their recovery, but above all through operations to raise awareness about their value as a “common good”.

The current challenge involves the peripheries. As affirmed by the Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Dario Franceschini last November: “After winning the challenge of preserving the historic centres of our cities, the peripheries now represent the great challenge of the present century: we are asked to requalify the spaces in which the majority of the country’s population lives, works and dreams, and contemporary art may play a determinant role”.

It was with this intention that the Ministry instituted the new Directorate dedicated to contemporary issues that, with respect to the past, is enriched by an unique new responsibility, for the peripheries: “Revitalising the peripheries through the action of young people and the sphere of associations ... to make up for the significant delay in supporting and promoting the contemporary”.

Beyond specific interventions of urban planning or social policies, culture can offer a great deal more: this is one of the missions of the DGAAP, whose roles include the promotion of cultural policies designed to support virtuous processes in favour of the requalification of urban peripheries.

During its first year of activity the DGAAP has promoted, organised and supported multidisciplinary programmes and projects, adopting different approaches to place the country’s peripheries at the centre of its attention:

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LIMES Atlante delle periferie
Arte alla Luce
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Biennale 2016: Workshop di architettura sociale
Concorso DGAAP e CNAPPC per giovani architetti
Periferie in azione

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