The Directorate-General for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries – DGAAP has selected the winning essay of the prize for an unpublished study offering an original analysis of themes linked to urban renewal.

The prize has been awarded to the essay “Con Temporaneo. Design per il riuso di spazi abbandonati” (Con Temporary. Designing for the Reuse of Abandoned Spaces), by Chiara Olivastri.



The 6 essays received were evaluated by a jury headed by Alessandra Fassio (DGAAP) and comprised of Simona Gervasio (DGAAP), Andrea Arcidiacono (Vice President INU), Giovanni Caudo (Università degli Studi di Roma 3), Domizia Mandolesi (Sapienza Università di Roma).
The winning essay, “Con Temporaneo. Design per il riuso di spazi abbandonati”, by Chiara Olivastri, will be published in its entirety in a dedicated book.
The second and third qualified essays, “Roma e la grande dimensione. Un metodo integrato per la rigenerazione consapevole e sostenibile delle periferie” (Rome and the Large Scale. An Integrated Method for the Informed and Sustainable Renewal of Peripheral Areas), by Lorenzo Diana, and “Geografie inquiete. Spazi intermedi nel territorio post metropolitano” (Restless Geographies. Intermediate Spaces in the Post-Metropolitan Territory), by Maddalena Rossi, were both awarded a mention. The jury also awarded a mention to the essay “Dalla crescita alla decrescita: teorie, misure, flussi e regole operanti per la rigenerazione della bioregione urbana” (From Growth to Degrowth: Theories, Measures, Flows and Rules for the Regeneration of the Urban Bioregion), by Michela Chiti, for its analysis of the relevance of a territorial approach to urban renewal programmes.

The call reflects the DGAAP’s objectives to promote initiatives focused on renewing and promoting urban peripheries.
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