Learning about art, learning about Italy’s museums
Sperimento l’arte! Musei e artisti nelle scuole (Experimenting with Art! Museums and Artists in Schools) consists of a series of activities in schools situated in Italian peripheries, designed to promote an informed relationship between students, the territories in which they live and their cultural resources.
Developed across Italy, the project will work to promote the vocation of the museum as a space of investigative learning and cultural growth, opened up to students in the form of participatory activities and innovative workshop strategies.

The project is the fruit of a synergetic relationship between the DGAAP and the MIUR (Ministry of University Education and Research) and the contemporary art museums associated with AMACI.

IThe project aims at triggering virtuous processes that establish relations between schools and contemporary art museums, also in relation to the socio-cultural requalification of urban peripheries.
The programme consists of a series of meetings, workshops and site visits (in schools and museums) that allow students and teaching staff to meet with artists and museum staff.

In addition to spreading awareness about contemporary art (visual arts, architecture, design, photography, video, etc.) and the themes it examines (social, economic, aesthetic), the project also aims at developing a sense of affection and familiarity toward the museum as an institution, working to activate virtuous processes of exchange.
Promoting an encounter between students and those operating in the fields of culture and art stimulates learning focused on creativity, critical thinking, familiarity with a territorial context and respect for cultural diversity.

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