Director General: Dott. Onofrio Cutaia

+39 06 6723 4851

The Directorate-General is supported by the consultancy of the
Technical Scientific Committee for Contemporary Art and Architecture
Claudio Varagnoli (President)
Denise Ottavia Lucia Tamborrino (Vice-President)
Gianandrea Barreca
Francesca Canfora


Unit 1 - Cultural and creative enterprises, fashion and design
Director: Dott. Fabio De Chirico

Overseeing initiatives in the matter of promoting and supporting cultural and creative enterprises on national territory, the applied arts, fashion, and design, also in collaboration with other relevant national and Europe-an administrations – Promoting and supporting research, knowledge, and production, young talents, and outfits of excellence in the field of creativity, the applied arts, fashion, and design – Administrative activities connected to the granting of tax benefits in the sectors of cultural and creative enterprises, and related veri-fication and monitoring activities, liaising with the revenue agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) – Coordinating the Italy Desk in on the Creative Europe Programme.

General affairs, litigation, budget and personnel planning – Development of explanatory directives and cir-culars in the matters under the purview of General Management – Preparation of the elements for the pur-poses of developing regulatory acts and response to parliamentary acts of guidance, monitoring, and scru-tiny in the sector under the purview of General Management – Relations with the Court of Audit (Corte dei conti) – Liaising with the independent assessment body in relation to its attributions and to the activities un-der the purview of General Management – Supporting the General Manager for guidance and supervision of the bodies supervised by General Management – Supporting the work of the technical/scientific Committee for contemporary art and architecture – Fulfilling and monitoring the publicity and transparency obligations for General Management’s activities.

Unit 2 - Contemporary art
Director: Dott.ssa Sandra Suatoni (ad interim)

Implementing the Plan for contemporary art pursuant to Law no. 29 of 23 February 2001– Fostering knowledge of contemporary art in Italy and abroad and promoting the works of young artists and of con-temporary art in public spaces – National and international-level cultural action programmes – Activities con-nected to the safety and circulation of contemporary artistic heritage – Promoting and monitoring the mak-ing of artworks in public buildings pursuant to Law no. 717 of 29 July 1949– Payment of taxes through the transfer of contemporary artistic assets – Activities to promote and capitalize on expressions of contempo-rary culture, with particular reference to supporting the young generations – Activities of cataloguing, study, and research in the sectors of the contemporary visual arts. Research, knowledge, and promotion of art ar-chives, in agreement with the Archives General Management and with other institutions in the sector.

Unit 3 - Contemporary architecture
Director: Arch. Luca Maggi

Fostering knowledge and the promotion of contemporary architecture in Italy and abroad – National and in-ternational-level cultural action programmes – Fulfilling obligations in the matter of: declaration of the artistic importance of works of contemporary architecture, pursuant to and to the effects of art. 20 of Law no. 63322 April 1941; the granting of economic contributions for architectural works declared to be of artistic importance and for the interventions recognized of particular quality of architecture and urban planning pur-suant to art. 37 of the Code; promotion of project quality, as well as support for the conception of and consulting for the planning of public works – Promoting the quality of the project and of the work of archi-tecture and urban planning – Activities of cataloguing, study, and research in the sectors of contemporary architecture – Research, knowledge, and promotion of architecture archives, in agreement with the Archives General Management and with other institutions in the sector.

Unit 4 - Peripheries and urban regeneration
Director: Assignment pending

Activities of cataloguing, study, and research in the sectors of territorial and urban planning, in connection with the requalification of urban peripheries – Investigation for the Minister’s participation in the coordination of the urban policies implemented by the involved central administrations, through the Interministerial Com-mittee for urban policies (CIPU) pursuant to art. 12- bis of Legislative Decree no. 83 of 22 June 2012, con-verted, with modifications, by Law no. 134 of 07 August 2012 – Participation in promoting and carrying out programmes and plans of urban regeneration and of requalification, including environmental requalification, of urban peripheries – Implementation of the measures pursuant to art. 60, paragraph 4-ter, of Law no. 289 of 27 December 2002.

Unit 5 - Photography
Director: Assignment pending

Promoting knowledge of photography, its history, and contemporary works – Supporting creativity and production in the photography sector – Promoting contemporary Italian photography abroad – Supervising the strategic development plan for photography in Italy – Activities of cataloguing, study, and research in the sector of photography; initiatives for the knowledge and promotion of photography archives.


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